Seattle, WA
Email: tcotav@gnslngr.us
Github: tcotav
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Creative software engineer with a substantial background in infrastructure and systems automation, business intelligence, project management, and database programming.


Golang, Python, Prometheus, Kubernetes, Java, Docker
Chef, Salt, Ruby, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Phonegap, Impactjs
jQTouch, Apache webserver, Apache Tomcat, Mongo, Redis

Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, Perl, Shell Scripting, C, and C++


Principal Software Engineer, Site Reliability and Infrastructure - Zulily, Seattle, WA (2014-Present)
- Promoting and supporting company-wide migration to Kubernetes on AWS.
- Responsible for customer facing e-commerce site uptime, performance, and capacity planning
- Responsible for Gitlab CI/CD prototyping, training, and troubleshooting
- Automating Cloud Infrastructure in both Google Cloud (GCE) and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
- Provide technical leadership and guidance to infrastructure and ecommerce/site teams
- Manage production MongoDb, Redis, ElasticSearch, and Mysql systems
- Manage production web and app servers

Chef Automation Consultant - Level 11 Consulting, Seattle, WA (2013-2014)
- Worked on automation projects for Chef Inc, GAP Inc, Microsoft Open Technologies, MTNSat, Inc.

Data Analytics Consultant - Level 11 Consulting/Synapse Product Development, Seattle WA (2011-2013)
- Part of team that designed and developed real-time analytics system for innovative traffic management and optimization system for a premier property of a large fortune 100 company (NDA).
- Coded in Java and TSQL (run on Tomcat and SqlServer)

Project Manager/IT Site Manager - Cisco Systems, Seattle, WA (2008-2011)
Director of Operations, Pure Networks, Inc (2008)
Business Intelligence Lead, Pure Networks, Inc (2007 - 2008)
- Managed projects, web service deployments, and environment buildouts in Seattle, San Francisco, and Irvine.
- Managed schedule and deployment of new data center buildout in support of web service video platform.
- Managed schedule and deployment of lab infrastructure integration and move of large remote acquisition.
- Owned and supported Seattle Pure Networks data center and production web services.
- Provided ongoing business metrics and ad hoc reports to management.
- Maintained and updated all Perl and Python ETL systems, workflows, and BI reports.

Senior Systems Engineer, Visto Corporation, Seattle WA (2004-2007)
- Troubleshot end-to-end production web service issues in large distributed consumer facing mobile mail system.
- Created mysql-based system to manipulate and catalog network traces.
- Designed and developed statistical monitoring and RCA systems to assist in troubleshooting system issues.

Scale Development Engineer, Visto Corporation, Seattle WA (2004)
- Wrote J2ME client and accompanying server-side Java to measure over-the-air
connectivity on different cellular networks.
- wrote suite of Java/J2ME/SyncML stress testing tools
- Created and maintained scale network composed of multiple Linux servers, an Oracle database server, BSD latency generating server (using dummynet), and Netscaler loadbalancer.
- Wrote most of the Deployment Specification for server product.

Java Metadata Developer, Washington Mutual, Seattle WA (2004)
- Worked with Java and XSLT to transform and load metadata into repository.
- Worked heavily with Common Warehouse Metamodel for transforms.

Systems Engineer, Visto Corporation/ ViAir Inc, Seattle WA (2002-2004)
- Worked with DBA to performance tune Oracle and SQLServer stored procedures.
- Responsible for internal Linux build-out specification.
- Built and integrated Perl-based SNMP monitoring tools.
- Wrote Apache modules in C for inclusion in company's commercial product.
- Wrote Perl modules for the extraction and transformation of data intended for the data warehouse.
- Wrote Expect scripts in support of the remote management of application servers.

Database Developer, ViAir Inc, Seattle WA (2001-2002)
- Coded and tuned database application code.
- Built and maintained, as part of a team, the corporate data warehousing effort.
- Built tools in Java for ETL of application log files for load into data warehouse application.
- Maintained Java JDBC relational store layer mapping core product objects to Oracle and SQLServer databases.
- Troubleshot data warehouse workflow including stored procedure performance tuning, database performance tuning and monitoring, and log parsing tuning.

Independent Consultant, Allvest Information Systems, Seattle WA (2000-2001)
- Wrote all Java code for system using JBoss EJB Server on Linux connecting
to an Oracle database via JDBC.
- Wrote all database queries.
- Worked with customer and external team to define business requirements.
- Created communications layer using XML-RPC and JNDI.
- Encapsulated all business logic in EJBs.
- Wrote accompanying tests in JUnit.
- Wrote relevant web code in JSPs, Servlets, JavaBeans in MVC model.
- Performed all database modeling for system.
- Installed customer production environment of Linux and OpenBSD systems.

Independent Consultant, Pacific Rim Imports, Seattle WA (1999-2000)
- Worked with customer and external team to define business requirements.
- Modeled client database for catalog/e-commerce application.
- Designed and built supply chain and data management system in Java Servlets,
Java Beans, JDBC, and JSP to work against a DB2 database.

Developer/Database Designer, Imaginet/Imation Studio, Minneapolis, MN (1998-99)
- Designed and implemented multi-tier Java network server to facilitate seamless
remote access of files and databases.
- Database modeling for various content management projects.
- Wrote TSQL and PL/SQL in support of content management projects.
- Wrote utilities in Perl to transfer data via Perl DBI from MS SQLServer to an
Oracle database.

Developer, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN (1997-98)
- Created and maintained various modules in site's main Perl-based content
delivery program.
- Designed C++/NSAPI application on Solaris to serve dynamic content from
multiple Sybase databases.
- Designed and implemented network load/speed testing application on Solaris
written in C++ using POSIX threads.
- Created template driven dynamic content generation prototype using Java
Servlets, JDBC, and Sybase SQLServer.

Programmer, Chesnutt Group Inc., Seattle, WA (1996-97)
- Wrote web applications in C++ and Perl to interface with Sybase SQLServer
and Oracle databases
- Wrote web applications with Active Server pages and MS SQL Server for
client intranet
- Developed navigational Java and Javascript solutions for intranet sites
- Managed internal Unix boxes


Kubernetes:Manually Installing Fluentd + ElasticSearch for Cluster Logging - Technical documentation

Serverspec Test Setup For Remote Hosts - Technical documentation
- Includes both documentation and supporting code repo.
- Related Git Repo

The Official Unofficial ChefDK Getting Started Guide - Technical documentation
- Includes both documentation and supporting Chef code repo.
- Related Git Repo

Magnolia, Seattle 2014-2015 Interactive Crime Heat Map - heatmap showing reported crimes in Magnolia neighborhood over fixed period.
- Google maps based web app using preprocessed data from http://data.seattle.gov (a Socrata platform)
- Code up on github

Seattle Crime Map - web app showing previous 24 hours crime in Magnolia neighborhood.
- Google maps based web app using data from http://data.seattle.gov (a Socrata platform)
- Written in javascript (via jQuery and knockout.js), html5, with python on the back end (via bottle.py, and passenger.py)
- Code up on github

Icebreaker - Video Game/Comic Art/Storytelling Project (2011)
Web experiment in comic, short story, videogame, and audio storytelling.
Written using: Javascript, ImpactJS, HTML5, CSS.

Txtra - SMS assistant iPhone app in iTunes Store (2011)
Written using: Javascript, jQTouch, HTML5, CSS, and Phonegap library


Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, 1994
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Extensive coursework in Math and Physics